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>> vector control said they haven't tested them for forgive years, the last positive test showed 12% of deer mice carried the virus. about the same as yosemite today. . >> it's a concern. i stayed at the camp in the tents. you know it's close to home. >> reporter: one expert said the virus is a human threat whether the deer mouse population surged. >> the disease goes through the population at the level it slips in to other species but even then the others are rarely a threat. him he are almost everywhere in california. the virus is excreted and dried and when inhaled can cause the lung infection. park rangers see droppings. >> different than yosemite. we don't have the permanent structures like the cabins. >> reporter: the ranger said
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that bathrooms are cleaned daily but no human case of the virus has been linked to the narcotic eight years. he does tell campers to clean before leaving because deer mice can live in the suburbs. john fowler. >> now here say look at the numbers, currently nine confirmed cases of the virus linked to yosemite since mid- june. three of the people have died. the park has tried to contact 260,000 people who stayed in the park overnight this summer. even if they stayed in areas not linked to the virus. >> california health care is going digital. coming up at 6:15 the incentive the state is offering doctors to turn paper records in to digital. >> with very developing news now. police in san jose investigating a suspicious suitcase that was found near a bus stop near snell and captain
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roll expressway. it was found at about 2:30 this afternoon. the bomb unit was called in and officers shut down part of snell avenue. those who live in the area are being asked to stay put while police investigate. >> occupy protesters gathering in oakland tonight. cara lieu is here to say this demonstration isn't about the 99% but the protesters own message. >> reporter: the last of the group that was out here in the the plaza dissipated just a few minutes ago but the message was about their right to protest and challenge authority. a rally here at the federal building drew about 50 proactivitier, many with science, others dressed in black with their faces covered. the folks say they are showing support for fellow protesters in the pacific northwest who refuse to testify in a grand jury investigation they believe is intended to pressure the occupy movement. many believe the investigations
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used to put down dissent. they are trying to dig up anything they can, to scare people, to stop people from expressing their political views and engaging in political activity. >> we have seen a number of private security guards, police and federal agents out here but so far its been a peaceful demonstration with no major instant. live in oakland. >> according to the aclu the fbi was keeping tabs on oakland occupy protesters last year. the aclu said that they have reports that show fbi officials met on how to deal with the possible airport demonstration and other occupy activities. the group said that the fbi is refusing to release another two dozen documents siting national security concerns. >> the body of chris stevens was returned home to the united states today. full military honor was given
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to him and the three killed in the attack on the embassy in libya. this as protests continue to spread across the middle east and northern africa fueled by fury over the anti islamic movie done in california. tonight the military is sending a team of marines to sudan after an angry mob attacked the embassies. this video shows at tack on the germany embassy for 5,000 men were rioting before knocking down the gates and getting inside the compound. at least three people died in similar riots outside the united states embassy. like with the welcome home for the ambassador and the three americans killed on 9/11 >> reporter: they are four men the president called patriotic, who served when called upon.
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one casket at a time. four americans brought back to their home soil awaiting their families, their president. >> they had a mission. they believed in it. they knew the danger, they accepted it. >> reporter: the transfer of remain ceremony was quiet but patriotic as the four were honored including chris stevens. >> laid down his life for his friends. libya and america. for us all. today chris is home. >> reporter: and it was secretary clinton who asked stevens to be the ambassador to libya. she said he didn't hesitate and she was not surprised. >> he was known not only for his courage but for his smile.
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goofy but contagious. for his sense of fun and that california cool. >> reporter: songs about america and it is america home to these four that the president said will never retreat from the world. we will never stop working for the freedom that every person deserves. whatever their creed. whatever their faith. that's the essence of american leadership. >> reporter: stevens graduated from the college of the law and on pond night at six there will be a vigil for him. ktvu channel 2news. >> and the website has more from the ceremony and continuing coverage of the unrest in the middle east. just click on the libya attack tab. >> two bodies were found inside a motel room today in newark. a maid found them just before noon at the ez8 motel on cedar
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court. newark police are trying to determine how the two people died. right now they are not releasing the genders or identities. >> a former student who pleaded no contest to e-mailing a bomb threat to a high school in february has been sentenced to two weeks in jail. the 19-year-old was sentenced wednesday after the da said she admitted to hughes another student's e-mail account to send the threat. she will have to attend counseling in addition to the jail time and probation. >> police in santa clara asking for the public's help to solve a disappearance. a man hasn't been seen since july 12th. he is a french speaker, 32, 6'1'', and 195 pounds. he may be carrying a gun he bought just before he disappeared. investigators say it's unclear why he bought the weapon. >> police beefed up patrols today on the last day of
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targeted truancy enforcement. double the number of officers took to the streets looking for student who should have been in class. today the police department disbanded the tabs unit that stands for truancy program. the department said it'll now assign officers to work overtime to look out for truants. >> the real estate market is showing signs of life. according to the tracking firm a total of 8, 579 homes were sold in the bay area in august. that's up 14% over last august. the highest number of bay area homes sold in six years. the home price rose about 1% to 410,000. the state's legislative analyst office said the upcoming california budget would increase funding to uc schools. the lao released its findings online saying it provides $2.4 million in general fund support for the system. that's a 5% increase from last year. the budget set as side $2
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billion to state schools, that's the same amount as last year. >> the first batch of the new i-phone 5 appears to be sold outo. online orders started just after midnight promising to ship them in one week. four hours later the delivery time had slipped to two weeks, analysts say that mean there is is either extraordinary demand for apple didn't make enough of the new phone. shares of apple closed at $691 today up $8 for the day and setting a new all time record. earlier in the day the stocks traded higher at almost $697 a share. >> caltrans is preparing for work on the highway 4 widening project that will close the freeway in both directions. crews will shut down the westbound lanes saturday at midnight until 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. the eastbound lanes will also be closed sunday from one to seven. a detour will be set up through surface streets and caltrans
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said expect delays. >> a ruling from the state court likely spells the end of a recycling center and urban garden in san francisco. the nonprofit council has been leasing city owned land since 1974, long before curbside recycling. city officials say it's now obsolete and won't renew the lease. >> this decision was made after years and years of complaints from residents about the noise from the recycling center. >> two days ago the neighborhood council lost it's court battle against the city and now has until october 1ers to pack up and leave. the city has plans to keep it for community gardens. >> a fire that destroyed part of its school had been burns for several hours before firefighters knew about it. we are finding out why they weren't told. >> the state wants your health information on a computer. the push to get doctors to create digital files and why
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the state said it's critical to patient care. . >> and back here at six. we will talk about where the fog went and talk about your bay area weekend. which day will be the warmest.
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. authorities looking in to three suspicious fires in antioch. the first started in a grove of trees at l and 18th. investigators believe that is related to a fire later at the 99-cent store on sycamore drive near l street. that fire started just after 10:30. it took about 30 minutes to get the flames under control. crews worked to put out a third suspicious fire in the same area. it started in some trees behind this house on william reed drive just off l street.
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firefighters say it may have started in a homeless camp along the railroad tracks behind the house. nobody was hurt in any of those fires. >> new concerns after an elementary school burned for hours yesterday and nobody noticed. it happened early in the morning, the officials say the damage could have been much less. we are live now in menlo park with the critical safive equipment that school is lacking. >> reporter: there used to by a portable building here but now as you can see all there is dirt, debris and heavy equipment. some parents we talked to were surprised to hear what is not required as far as fire safety in a portable guiding. today the school looks like a demolition zone rather than a place where kids come to learn and play. among the piles of debris and heavy machines were recommend remnants of burned homework. >> it's tragic but i won't say
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it's preventable but the outcome would have been different if they had early detection on the fire. we would have been there quicker. >> reporter: the firefighters determined the fire had been burned for hours before they got a call. the administrator offices and the third grade classroom were destroyed. portable class rhymes only required to have a pull fire alarm system. officials say they have that and smoke detecters but nobody was there at the time. >> only thing it didn't do was during the night the alarms aren't -- the fire alarm isn't monitored so it didn't send report to the fire department. >> reporter: new permanent buildings in california are required to have a fire alarm with sprinklers and a monitoring system to alert a third party like a fire department. there was a push to close the loophole in the law but that legislation failed. that concerns elizabeth vargas who has two children attending the school.
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she said that - they should have a system where it would call the firefighters so they could save everything because it would be sad if it happened again >> reporter: a spokeswoman said they are looking in to installing a third party monday tomorrowing system because they don't want this to happen again. reporting live from menlo park. >> we have an update on some developing news in san jose where the bomb squad has been called out to investigate a suspicious suitcase. it was found near snell avenue and capitol expressway. just in the last ten san jose police said that x reys of the suitcase came back negative and they are about to open that suitcase. they expect the situation to be over soon and people who live in the area have been asked to stay put while police investigate . we will get more information and let you know. > brother of the new yahooceo was
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sentenced today. mason myers was accused of beating his former girlfriend in his apartment last year. the former girlfriend said he allegedly threatened to use influence to d isp arage her if she reported it. under the deal meier plead guilty to a reduced charge of false imprisonment and was put on probation for three years.marissa was named the new ceo earlier this summer. she is a graduate from stanford who was also one of the first employees at google. >> a new 250 million-dollar grant has been awarded to convert state medical record from paper to digital. they not only have access to patient record from any participating medical facility in the state they will receive financial pay outs for joining. those digital archives will help study condition was in different communities. >> want to see if higher sense
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of obesity. you don't need individual patient information, just the coded information. >> reporter: the program has safe guards to ensure privacy but those who don't want to participate can opt out. >> the weatherw. have bigfoot ball game this is weekend. what's the weekend leukemia? >> like we said a huge opinion in the bay area. everything seems to be going on in san francisco and oakland and san jose. the weather will be great. we have fog at the coast but you will notice just really nice days saturday and sun. not to hot. not to cold, just right. i suspect clearing coast side at times tomorrow. that's good news if you head out to the beach or live out there. the highs from today, highs tomorrow will be down a few. check out antioch, that's 91 degrees. 81 fairfield. those are the hot spots, everybody else to the north bay. it's getting to be fall as we go and get closer to -- nights
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are as long as days what is happening. then the nights start getting longer as we get toward the solstice, cooler overnight lows and mild daytime highs through this weekend. into next week. going to be nice. not a deal breaker. everything will be good. this high pressure is balancing with that low pressure off shore which is typical for this time of year. it's producing heat in the valley. 90's but over here the low pressure producing very cool coastal sections. we are in the middle. that's why we are seeing warm temperatures, inland and seeing cool temperatures at the coast. that high is going to weaken on sunday so sunday's highs will be cooler. that moist air and the cooler air -- go in to the bay and out toward the east bay. that's typical for this time of year. the high pressure kept us nice in lake tahoe. overnight lows -- going up this weekend for the overnight lows, mid to upper 30s.
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highs in the 70's. after no thunderstorms in the forecast, 88 tomorrow, that's saturday -- 76 vallejo. forecast highs not bad. plenty of 80's. low 90's as well. mostly 70s and 80's around the bay. forecast along the coast will be from fog, also a bitl clearing, five day forecast with the bay area weekend nouveau shapes up like this. nice one. very subtle changes, this week been -- up here talking for the last fine nights, it has been subtle. degree here or there. the bottom line is -- its been nice and will stay that way. >> fantastic. i like it. >> thank you. >> international team of weather experts said california's death valley has the highest temperature ever recorded on earth. that record was set in 1913 and measured 136 degrees.
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the world -- i can't -- sorry, the old record of 136.4 degrees set in libya in 1922 was incorrect. coming up on bay area news at seven on tv36 it's an urban corridor known for prostitution. now opponents are fighting back. the new campaign. and what does getting cold feet before your wedding mean for the success of your marriage? why it may have to do more with who is having the doubts. coming up at seven. . >> at american canyon high school. beautiful campus and they are hosting with an undefeated high school football team. fell you about it with the game of the week right after this.
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. inmates group today presented an 11,000-dollar check to the avon breast cancer organization. the committee raised it during the two day cancer walk inside the prison back in july. inmates say that cancer touches their families as well.
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it's friday night and that means time for the game of the week. >> mark in american canyon. >> you remember that feeling. school just started, little snippet of fall in the air and tunes haven't been assigned their first term paper yet. everybody feeling good and particularly feeling good out here. they have an undefeated football team. we are with the head coach of the young wolf's team and you are rolling. 3-0. congratulations on the nice start. >> thank you. we have been -- first three games have been well. kids are goaling really well. i'm pleased. >> everybody is talking about the running back you have. dodson, crazy stats. he is averaging 16 yards a carry and has 600 yards
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already. >> he is -- we tried to pull him in the 4th quarter. he has eight touchdowns on 33 carries. he has another burst. that's why his name is juice. he sees the field well and i got him this year, next year is he only a junior. > >> this is the first year obviously a new high school. third year. first year you have seniors now. >> yeah. exciting. i have been with seniors, the third year. able to see them grow basically into young men. from 14, 15, now to 17, 18. that's been amazing a special trip and its been special because not to many get to start it. we will highlight the opposition tonight at 7:00 on tv36, kicu. give me one thing that you have to stop to win and keep the undefeated season intact. >> quarterback. we have could keep him contained.
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he is an athlete. he is number five i think and he will be hard to stop. >> lie lights tonight at ten. thank you. best of luck. giant's and a's both playing big games. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> oakland hasn't had a police academy for a few years but new cadets are about to be trained tonight the uphill battle for the department as they hire more officers. >> thank you for trusting us.
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